Moulded Chocolate:
May it be a Birthday, Wedding, Christrna. Diwali or Valentine with a variety of taste style & ingredient molded chocolates are the best answer for all occasions.
  • Tempering Chocolate
  • Sweet Chocolate
  • Bitter Chocolate
  • Plain Chocolate
  • Crunchy Chocolate
  • Almond Bar
  • Fruit and Nut Bar
  • Flavored Chocolate
  • Milky Bar
  • Cashew Chocolate
  • Rum & Raisin Delight
  • Almond Delight
  • Butter Scotch
  • Hard Center
  • Coffee Center
  • Lemon Hard Center
  • Crackle & Butter Scotch Bar
  • Coconut Hard Center
  • Mango Hard Center
  • Pineapple Hard Center
  • Peppermint Hard Center
  • Strawberry Hard Center

Dipped Chocolate:
Want Excellence in dipping chocolates? Get benefit of our rich experience of a couple of years to make a list of endless recipes of dipped chocolates.
  • Rocky Rode Bites
  • Choco Biscuit
  • Til Bonaza
  • Choco-Pie
  • Coconut Grenoble
  • Peanut Point
  • Almond Supreme
  • Walnut Cluster
  • True Heaven
  • Surprise Moment
  • Chocolate Pizza
  • Gold Coin
  • Nut Brittle- Almond / Cashew /Walnut - All Nutty

Chocolate Decoration:
If you are getting bored of Serving your chocolates in an age old traditional way and want the artist in you to get the applause from your near ones by decorating Your chocolates and cakes in a unique way. Then learn the imaginative art of Chocolate decoration & create your own spectacular chocolate display by joining this course..
  • Chocolate Lace
  • Chocolate Leaves
  • Chocolate Piping Bag
  • Chocolate Curls
  • Chocolate Cane
  • Chocolate Bow
  • Chocolate Cups
  • All Heaven Chocolate
  • Marbled Chocolate Cups
  • Nutty Bar Decoration

Liquor Chocolate:
A unique incredible course must for all chocolate lovers. The course aims to offer chocolate filled with liquids, Juices. desserts. ice-creams. drinks, liquors for your dear & near ones..
  • Mint Liquor
  • Coffee Liquor
  • Whiskey Liquor
  • Rum Cream
  • Raspberry Liquor
  • Strawberry Liquor
  • Screwdriver
  • Chocolate Liquor
  • Grapefruit Coctall
  • Almond Liquor
  • Ginger Liquor
  • Mocktail Chocolate
  • Banana Liquor
  • Cheery Liquor
  • All Yours Honey
  • Lemon Liquor
  • Rose Cream Liquor
  • Rose Mint Liquor
  • Melon Liquor
  • PinaColada Liquor
  • OrangeColada Liquor

A mixture of sugar, water and glucose used in the production of creamy-textured confectionery is known as fondant..
  • How to Make Fondant
  • How to color the Fondant
  • Chocolate Fondant
  • Ben-Hur
  • Butter Cube
  • Fondant Cluster
  • Fondant Truffles
  • Fondant -Dipped Fruit
  • Walnut Fondant
  • Mocha Fondant
  • Chocolate Fondant Nut Cluster

Marzipan is simply a mixture of almond paste, powdered sugar, and a moistening agent such as water.
  • How to make Marzipan
  • How to Rollout Marzipan
  • chocolate Covered Marzipan
  • Heart Marzipan
  • Pistachio Marzipan
  • Walnut Marzipan
  • Marzipan Truffle
  • Fruit Marzipan
  • Marzipan Flower
  • Basic Marzipan
  • Perky Almond
  • Walnut Ball
  • Marzipan Chocolates
  • Apricot Marzipan Dried
  • Pineapple Marzipan

The rich & sumptuous taste of truffles is remarkable & what if you make these professional truffles with your own hands....., Yes, the pleasure of eating truffle will be doubled, and even the desired/ favorite ingredients can be added to get fresh truffles, thus get ready to get fun & make your delicious handmade truffles..
  • Dark Truffle
  • Milk Truffle
  • Rum Truffle
  • Ginger Truffle
  • Apricot Truffle
  • Vanilla Truffle
  • Hazelnut Truffle
  • Coffee Truffle
  • Pistachio Truffle
  • Day & Night Truffles
  • Italian Chocolate Truffle
  • Lemon Coconut Truffle
  • White Chocolate Truffle
  • Chocolate Praline Cinnamon Balls

Desserts with Chocolate Cups:
A dessert neatly tucked inside a ring of chocolate is one of the easiest things you can do with chocolate to make a chocolate cup.
  • Chocolate Cup with Mould
  • Chocolate Truffle Cup
  • Chocolate cup without Mould
  • Jelly Belly in Chocolate Cup
  • Ice Cream in Chocolate Pot
  • Apricot in Chocolate Cream
  • Cream & Chocolate - Rum Essence

Choocolate Cluster & Rocks:
Chocolate is a symbol of richness & luxury can be converted into so many delicious mouth watering recipes with the incredible ingredients nuts/ candid fruits. Learn the precious art of making chocolate rocks & clusters.
  • Peppermint Chocolate Sticks
  • Walnut Chocolate Sticks
  • Chocolate Peanut Cluster
  • Fruit 'n' Nutty Cluster
  • Coffee Cluster with Walnuts
  • Orange Cluster
  • Hazelnut Cluster
  • Chunky Cluster
  • Pistachio Rocks
  • Butterscotch Rocks
  • Cherries in the Snow
  • Snow Rocks
  • Almond Stick
  • Candid Peel
  • Butterscotch with Candid Peal Cluster

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolates a heated beverage typically consisting of shaved chocolate, melted chocolate or cocoa powder heated milk or water & sugar.
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Frothy Hot Chocolate
  • Chocolate float
  • Rose- Pistachio Hot Chocolate
  • White Chocolate with Cinnamon
  • True Hot Chocolate
  • Mexican Hot Chocolate
  • Double Hot Chocolate

Dates Chocolates :
Chocolate covered dates are the perfect after dinner dessert. These are perfect with coffee.
  • Almond Dates Chocolates
  • Marzipan Dates Chocolates
  • Dates & Marzipan Truffle
  • Candid Peels Dates Truffle
  • Caramelized Almond Dates Chocolates
  • Pista & Apricot Truffle with Dates
  • Rose Petal Dates Truffles
  • Presentation of the Dates Chocolates

Caramel Chocolate:
Sweet and chewy, caramels are delicious on their Own or dipped in chocolate. These caramel recipes range from the most basic caramels to elaborate caramels infused with spices or enrobe in chocolate.
  • How to make Plain Caramel
  • Caramel With Nuts
  • Coffee and Walnut Caramel
  • Butter Caramel
  • Filled Caramel
  • Chocolate Caramel
  • Mocha Caramel
  • Caramel Popcorn
  • Walnut Caramel
  • Caramel Sauce

Open Chocolates:
Giving chocolates to others is an intimate form of communication and sharing of deep dark secret.
  • Cognac Balls
  • Death by Dates
  • Nutmeg Punch
  • Coffee Ecstasy
  • Butter Buttery

Chocolate Bouquet :
In this course we teach you how to make unique, hand crafted choculate bouquets which become great gifts for various occasions. These bouquets are not readily available in the market.
  • Creating a base
  • Choosing the right kind of chocolates
  • placing the chocolates in the basket or bouquet
  • Various types of bouquets
    : Valentine bouquets/ Mother's day bouquet/ Baby shower bouquet.

Choco Deco:
Gift the delicious choco deco to any age group without thinking twice! They are so appealing that your friends will come back asking for more.
  • Petel Effect
  • Web Effect
  • Tattoo Biscuit
  • Nutty Buddy Effect
  • Triple Layer Wheel Effect
  • Wave Effect and sharing
  • M-Effect
  • Sesame Biscuit
  • Lotus Flower Effect
  • Surirly Line Effect
  • Check Effect

Designer Chocolates:
Give a very different look to your homemade chocolates & save your money on packaging.
  • Pebbles & Marble Chocolates
  • Rainbow Chocolates
  • Two Tone Chocolates
  • Strawberry Chocolates
  • Sinfully Yours Chocolates
  • Luster Chocolates
  • Mystic Chocolates
  • Tattoo Chocolate
  • Tit Bit Chocolates